Banana Pepper vs Peperoncini

If you’re a food lover or a cook of any kind you’ve most likely typed into Google at one point or another, “What’s the difference between…” Maybe your cake fell flat because you thought baking powder and baking soda were the same thing (they’re not). Or maybe you figured, “White wine vinegar, white vinegar, whatever” and were unpleasantly surprised when you chose one over the other. Maybe you asked for peperoncini peppers and the deli man gave you banana peppers, and when you corrected him he said, “They’re the same.”

Well, deli man, if you’re reading this… you’re wrong.

The difference is slight but it’s there. Both peppers come from the species Capsicum annuum and both are typically pickled and used on sandwiches. The difference lies in the sweetness: banana peppers are slightly sweeter and pepperoncini are just a bit spicier with a bitter edge.

Now the next time the deli man tells you, “They’re the same” tell him you bet him your sandwich that they’re not. You’re welcome.