17 Ways You Never Knew You Could Enjoy Nutella

Nutella is one of those items I first had overseas in the early 80’s. I was in Germany as a child and my host served my mother and I Nutella on toast every morning and I thought i had died and gone to heaven. The soft french bread smothered in the chocolate spread was and still is a favorite treat of mine. The only bummer back then was you couldn’t find it in any major grocery store. It was only available in specialty international markets. Lucky for us, that has changed and we can now find the hazelnut spread almost anywhere. While my waistline has taken a hit, my tastebuds were giving me high-fives as I went through this list making these amazing desserts. I guarantee you’re going to find something on this list that will become your favorite dessert of all-time.

Nutella Pull-Apart Rolls

These amazingly simple and fantastic 4-ingredient, buttery, fluffy pull-apart rolls are one of the great treats you will ever make. The main ingredient is a tube of ready to make buttermilk muffins, after that you add the heavenly Nutella and watch the magic happen. Full recipe HERE

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