These 5 Fatty Foods Will Help You Lose Weight

Growing up in the 1970’s I was raised(thanks mom) on a few beliefs that turned out to be bogus. I grew up fearing potatoes and fats, It was just how it was back then. Over the decades many things have been researched and proven to actually be good for us and even recommended that we reintroduce these foods into our diets. While some of these may not be shocking to you, their benefits should be something you acquaint yourself with.

1. Avocado


Oh hello delicious! The avocado has always been a favorite but now it’s like a celebrity in the produce section(technically a fruit because of its seed). People are caught all the time groping all the avo’s hoping to find the perfectly ripe one that they could use that evening on their salad. While this beauty has some solid calories, it also has a killer mix of healthy fats, fiber, and vitamins that are way embraced by dieticians and doctors.

2. Wild Salmon

This one is very important. WILD salmon is what you want to get, not that farm raised stuff. You know why? Wild caught fish are stronger and have survived the elements and have eaten a proper diet which is what makes them healthy. Farm raised fish are fed a chum of ingredients and some of them are total garbage. That results in a fish that is nutritionally inferior and not worth the time or effort. So find your local fish market or buy from a great online retailer like have the freshest fish and they deliver next day!

3. Grass-Fed Beef


This one is up to you. I like a nice rib-eye because it has a great marble of fat throughout the meat and the fat is where the flavor is. It doesn’t mean its good for me though. When it comes to grass-fed burgers or steaks, the meat contains less fat and fewer calories than meat harvested from conventionally raised cows. So while yes you are eating a steak, with the lower fat content the meat tastes more gamey and not as enjoyable. BUT it is better than avoiding meat altogether. Find a good butcher and ask some questions and find a piece of meat that is the best of both worlds.

4. Nuts

While pretty chill on the calories(a serving size is about 170 calories for a handful of nuts), studies have shown lower BMI’s in people who eat more nuts than those don’t enjoy the crunchy snack food. Why are nuts recommended? They keep you full longer and help you burn calories while you’re at rest. Always go for the raw variety of almonds, cashews or peanuts. Anything bathed in salt or flavorings will negate the good stuff that these healthy snacks can offer you. So… Go nuts!

5. Coconut Oil

Im on the fence with this one. Not because Im questioning if its actually good for you, because it is. Im down on how large companies are clearing land in countries like indonesia, killing local habitat and wildlife to harvest the coconut oil. While I recommend the oil, please do some research into where and how it is being harvested. Sub in this oil instead of veggie oil to cut your daily caloric intake.