5 Of The World’s Best Burritos

I like burritos. I’ll tell you something, even those frozen bagged burritos at your local grocery store are pretty good when it’s 2AM and your buzz is humming along nicely. My point is: There are no bad burritos. Tacos are a different story but we’re not going there today. Today we bring you a few tortilla wrapped masterpieces that deserve to have a monument erected in their honor. Burritos so good that you can only find the best of the best in Southern California because everything else pales in comparison.

First off, there are a couple must-know rules if you want good tasting burritos.  No burrito should ever…EVER be made with a mission tortilla. If you’re going to make your own at home, find the ethnic section of your market or if there is a tortillaria in your town, go there for freshly made tortillas. This gives you the best chance of success. Second, no salsa from a jar. Pace and all that other stuff is gross. If you can’t find fresh salsa at your grocery store, make it yourself. Its really easy and tastes way better. See recipes HERE for Red, HERE for green and HERE for Pico De Gallo.

That being said, here are the 5 best burritos of all time.

5. Bean & Cheese Burrito


The Bean and Cheese. This basic, yet amazing version of a burrito is a stand by in every college town on the West Coast. The variations are endless. Add sour cream, Guac, lettuce and some pico de gallo salsa and you have a veggie burrito(NOT VEGAN). Another way is to make it the drunk mans special: The BRC. Beans, rice and cheese. This burrito can be found almost anywhere but make sure the beans are refried beans and not some whole bean stuff. This is Mexican food, not rancher baked beans from Texas stuff. This version is always best served with a spicy red sauce but go wild and try a few different ones to see what you like best.

4. Shredded Chicken Burrito


So this is shredded chicken, not grilled or pollo asada. Shredded chicken is slow cooked in its own juices in a dutch oven or crock pot for many hours. The burrito holds the chicken, the peppers and onions all together while the juices from the meat cover everything. These are incredibly delicious and a bit messy but so worth it! These go best with green salsa but red works as well. No cheese is needed but some people have been known to ask for sour cream (because it mixes with the juice) but I prefer mine true to the menu. Ask for extra napkins and know that the last bite will be the best.

3. Carne Asada Burrito


The carne asada burrito is one that almost everyone loves due to the flavors all wrapped together. Spicy pico de gallo, marinated flank steak and creamy guacamole are all partnered up and wrapped in a huge soft flour tortilla. Not for the vegan crowd and sometimes people swap the carne for pollo is red meats not your thing. Avoid these at chain restaurants because they are never as good as what you can find at the local dive looking taco shop. Always find that place first. Salsa is already inside but feel free to add more to your liking. This one is a must try anytime you are west of the rockies.

2. Adobada Burrito

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You may have never heard of adobada but once you try it, you may never return to the other options on the menu. Adobada(or sometimes called Al Pastor) is a marinated meat skewer that is topped with a pineapple so as the meat cooks, the sweet juice from the pineapple combine with the marinated meat creating a thing of beauty. Add a little creamy guac and sour cream and you have yourself one of the most flavorful meals you will ever encounter.

1. California Burrito

This is the master of them all. Its not called a New York burrito or a Texas burrito, you know why? Because only something this good could be thought up in California by surfers and their Mexican homies at the taco shop. Rumor has it that a San Diego surfer named Skipper came up with the idea after he got done surfing the OB pier and was hungover like he had never been before. He asked for a carne asada burrito with french fries and a legend was born.This is the alpha burrito. The jefe. If they don’t make this in your area, you go behind the counter an teach them because every town deserves a burrito this good.