Atlanta Braves are Killing it with Burgerizza


Many people over the years have tried to combine burgers and pizza. Usually you end up with a normal burger with mozzarella and marinara all over it. Not the worst thing, but not earth shattering either. Well, those days are over.

The Atlanta Braves have done something absolutely without precedent. For the burger they are combining 20 ounces of beef (16 ounces is a pound by the way), 5 slices of cheddar cheese and a layer of bacon. That in itself is a massive burger, but then they went over the top. The bun? The bun is an 8 inch personal pan pepperoni pizza. On top and bottom.


This masterpiece (of PR?) will set you back $26, and is only available this year as part of the festivities surrounding the Braves’ last year at Turner Field.


I think a homemade version of this would be awesome. What do you think, should we do a video?