Instagram’s Best Brunches

Let’s talk about brunch. You know that epic meal between breakfast and lunch that we all love to experience on Sundays with friends and mimosa’s? Yes, I knew you were familiar with the concept. Well we traveled down the wormhole of the brunch hashtag on Instagram and found 20 of the best brunch meals on the planet! Go forth and brunch my friends and remember; don’t fill up on the bread and always try to eat your weight in shrimp.

This wonderful healthy idea comes from user @mimis_breakfast. It might not be what you would usually order at brunch but it’s what your healthy inner baby would love! Seriously, you have to mix in some greens or else your 3000 calorie meal will sabotage your week!

Egg Benedict with a side of avocado and kale salad is always such a great start to the morning 😍

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Fresh Kale, spinach and eggs lie a top of the traditional breakfast muffin with hollandaise sauce and fresh avocado. This right here makes up for all those maple bars you have been pulling down during those monday morning meetings.

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