Fast, Easy & Cheap Dinners With Rotisserie Chicken


How many evenings have you stared at your significant other and wondered what to do for dinner? You both open the door to the fridge and stare at the wasteland of old condiments, 1 onion and half a stick of butter. You know you should go grocery shop but payday is 4 days away. Sound familiar? You’re not alone, countless people go through the same exercise of futility each week.

I’ve found that a sure fire way to crush my hunger for $5 bucks is the rotisserie chicken at my local market. Now look, before you tell me about how bad it is etc, we’re talking survival on a budget here folks. You’re gonna have to make some sacrifices sometimes, that’s how life works. Now, I’ve done the math in my head and it never really adds up. Somebody took care of that egg, fed the chicken, slaughtered it, shipped it, cooked and packaged it and it still only cost me $5. What a crazy world we live in.

The yard bird from the store is a perfect meal for two,so here are some recommendations for making yourselves a great dinner on a budget.

Chicken and Tortillas


Shred up one of the breasts and make yourself a killer chicken quesadilla or chicken and bean burrito. All you need is one pack of flour tortillas($2) One can of refried beans($1.50) and the rotisserie chicken ($5). That will feed you and another person with two servings each.

Chicken Breast and Veggies


I like to cut out each side of the breast so it makes two full plates. Buy a bag of frozen mixed veggies($4) and the seasoned rotisserie chicken($5) and you’re eating like a healthy king! Add spices to the veggies to give them a little kick.

Stir-Fry Chicken and Veggies

Shred up the chicken breasts and throw it into a wok of pan with your frozen or fresh veggies. Broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, squash and potatoes along with some chinese spice or fish sauce and you will have a banging dinner ready in minutes. Add some spicy kung pao sauce for a little extra kick!

Chicken and Potatoes


A classic, no frills dinner. Take your rotisserie chicken apart, bake up some red potatoes in the oven for 15 minutes. sprinkle them with olive oil and some rosemary and you’re golden my friend.

Super-duper chicken nachos

This one is the funnest of them all. Besides the cost of the chicken($5) you have a bag of tortilla chips($3), can of refried beans($1.50) and some sour cream($1). You can make this and still afford a tall boy of Corona to wash it down.