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Private Chef

Chace People
Ohio, United States
$90,000 - $100,000 USD yearly

Job Description



  • Salary: $100,000+ gross p.a.
  • Package: to include; generous health care, PTO, bonus potential
  • Location: Ohio, USA
  • Situation: US based candidates with the right to live and work, are preferred - Global Relocation considered for non-US candidates
  • Start Date: interviewing now



Position Overview:

The Chace People team is scouting for a budding culinary star with a minimum of 6 years of professional experience, eager to merge their gastronomic talent with a passion for health and nutrition.


What Can You Expect?

Nestled in the heart of a community that treasures the connection between food and wellness, our client’s kitchen is the hub of innovation and nourishment. You’ll be dedicated to providing meals that are as beneficial to the body as they are pleasing to the palate, using ingredients harvested straight from the garden. 

As part of a dynamic kitchen team, you'll contribute to a culinary culture that's all about collaboration, creativity, and a shared passion for quality.


Your Culinary Expertise:

  • Menu Innovation: Design menus rich in health and bursting with flavour, using the freshest, locally-grown ingredients.

  • Garden Collaboration: Work hand-in-hand with the garden team to plan and execute harvest schedules. Utilise harvested produce in creative ways to highlight the flavours and nutritional benefits in the dishes you serve.

  • Quality Control: Adhering to strict food safety protocols, you will ensure that all aspects of food preparation, storage, and service exceed regulatory requirements. The highest attention to detail regarding cleanliness of kitchen equipment, workstations, and utensils, creating a sanitary and organised workspace.

We Need You To Have:

  • Culinary Experience: A proven track record as a Chef with a special focus on health-centric cuisine.

  • A Passion for Fresh Ingredients: A deep-rooted appreciation for the freshest, seasonally available, local produce and a knack for letting natural flavours shine.

  • Collaborative Spirit: Excellent communication and teamwork skills. Ability to work closely with the garden team and other staff members.

  • Innovation and Continuous Learning: Stay informed about the latest trends in health and nutrition. Demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and learning.


The Offer:

A competitive salary of $100,000+ per annum (negotiable and depending on experience), reflecting your passion and contribution to this culinary mission. Additional Benefits will include; generous PTO, generous healthcare benefits, and bonus potential. Local candidates or those relocating within the US are preferred, however global relocation will be conisdered for non-US citizens.

Step Into Your New Kitchen:

If you're a Chef whose personal traits include creativity, health, and enthusiasm, and who finds joy in a team that's as passionate about food as you are, we're eager to speak with you.