Meal Kits are the Key to Keto Success

It’s 2018 and the secrets to weight loss are for the most part known. It’s not rocket science, you can just eat a certain way and your body will burn fat for fuel. Unfortunately, eating that certain way means leaving behind the traditional American diet. The FDA food pyramid is not the way to Keto success, you basically need to drop most carbs from your diet and eat really high quality organic ingredients. After a couple days your body will go into a state called ketosis and instead of burning glucose (sugar – from carbs) for energy, your body will burn fat for energy. You want to eat more fat in your diet, but healthy organic fats. Your body will burn this fat you consume rapidly and also burn your fat stores you have saved up in your body. Think about it, why does your body store fat? The same reason a bear gets fat before hibernating – your body will burn these fat stores for energy in the absence of glucose – or carbs.

That’s all well and good, but eating this way is hard. Really hard. No more bread, pasta, and definitely no refined sugars. No candy bars, no breakfast cereal, and perhaps hardest of all – no drinking. It’s incredibly hard and the only way to real success is going through your house and getting rid of everything you cannot eat on the Keto diet, then filling it with healthy Keto friendly foods. That can be tricky, and expensive. I remember I almost quit keto because it was frustrating not being able to trust ingredients from the grocery store, and knocking me out of ketosis.

Then a friend introduced me to Green Chef, a mean delivery service that specializes in all kinds of diets. Instead of obsessing over recipes, counting carbs and possibly messing up I found myself whipping up 5 star meals in 30 minutes without messing anything up. Green Chef sends the exact ingredients you need, including pre chopped vegetables, sauces, proteins and sides along with easy to follow recipes. I went from having to do tons of research to find things I could eat to discovering new foods by just trying them and knowing everything is keto friendly.

The package from Green Chef comes in eco friendly recycled packaging and contains only USDA certified organic products. Open the box and find a welcome guide that will tell you what you are going to be making and exactly how to make it, along with all the ingredients you need.

This has totally changed my Keto experience and made it much easier to commit to and stick to the diet regimen. Once you eliminate the tempting carb heavy foods from your house and make it easy to stick to the plan, you are setting yourself up for success.

Update: The nice folks at Green Chef have extended a special offer for readers: Use this link for $40 off your first Green Chef Box