Yes, this is going to be a review of and some products I ordered from there. But first, the backstory:

I’m just going to come right out and say it, I eat a lot of nuts. Almonds, Pistachios, Macadamia nuts, Pecans, you name it. Because I eat pretty low carb generally, almonds are my go to quasi-cheat food.

Nuts are not exactly the most economical snack food, let’s face it. A Blue Diamond 12 oz bag of raw almonds at the grocery store costs $12. Probably the best deal I’ve found so far on buying nuts is at my local farmer’s market. There’s an almond farmer that has a stand there and I can get a pound of tasty fresh organic almonds for $14. Those are pretty good but my favorite nut brand, because of consistency and quality, is Blue Diamond.

Now that I’ve exposed my passion for snacking on nuts and my prejudices, let’s talk about ordering nuts online. My go to is Amazon (is everyone’s go to Amazon? duh). I read some bad reviews though, about the nuts arriving moldy. This instantly became my worst fear and I ran in terror.

I took my search to google, and there found review

Glorious! I thought to myself and then fantasized for a while about owning an awesome ecommerce property like It sells itself! Just have a great product, good customer service, and you are crushing it. Snap back to reality, I ordered three bags of salted nuts: pistachio (shelled because I’m lazy and I think this is one of the great luxuries of living in the 21st century – shelled pistachios), almonds, and macadamia.

They were not cheap, the almonds were $17 per pound. Macadamia $18 and Pistachios $20. Whatever, as long as they are really good I’m sure I can buy in bulk later or whatever. Let’s go! But wait, they also charged for shipping. The cheapest option was Fedex Ground at $6. So I’m $60.96 in for three pounds of nuts. I didn’t think this through at the time but now that I am sitting here typing it, that seems rather expensive.

So six days later, my nuts arrive. I had completely forgotten about them by then, but I was ecstatic to find the package notice in my UPS box. Salted nuts at last! Review

So as I mentioned above, I’m super biased. I love salted nuts, so there’s really no losing here. I’m going to break it down nut by nut:

  • Pistachios: These were about average. Good consistency, no bad nuts, but not salty enough for me. Good Pistachio flavor.
  • Almonds: These were inedible. The nuts had simply gone bad, I don’t know if I got a bad batch or what. Bit into a couple to see and it was about 50/50 bad to ok. Enough to make me not want to risk it.
  • Macadamias: These were good. No bad ones, and good flavor. Again not salty enough for me.

So overall, I liked the pistachios and the macadamias even though neither was salty enough for me. To put that in context, even the low sodium Blue Diamond almonds are salty enough for me. Maybe I’m a salt freak, don’t judge me. Personal preference perhaps.

The almonds were really bad, the pricing was steep, the shipping was expensive and took six days. I get it, quantities of nuts are heavy and bulky. Probably very expensive to ship and therefore takes time, however none of that is my responsibility as a consumer. For me, I’m either just going to keep going to the grocery store or the farmer’s market.

My next online nut purchase is going to be this 3lb bag from Happy Belly for $20. With Amazon Prime it’s free one day shipping. Assuming these nuts don’t kill me, they are already a much better deal than

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