Win Your Super Bowl Party With These Recipes

We can’t guarantee you will win the pool, but you will be winning at hosting with these recipes. Need to bring a killer dip to a party? We’ve got you covered. Hosting a bunch of people at your place and want to do an awesome main course with a bunch of sides? Look no further.

Sometimes you go to a Super Bowl party and it’s the same stuff – hot dogs, hamburgers, 7 layer dip, maybe some wings if you’re lucky. It’s not that making something different is harder, it just SEEMS harder. Well, check out these simple recipe videos to get you motivated to try some new awesomeness for your Super Bowl this year.

Let’s kick it off (see what I did there?) with guacamole. Guac is a staple of a good football get together, so let’s get it right. In this video we show you two ways to do it: one fast and pretty darn good, the other completely homemade:

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