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Chef - FULL TIME with Benefits - Cosentino's Market #425 - 8051 W 160th Street

Cosentino Food Stores
Overland Park, Kansas, United States
Position Objective: Chef responsibilities include studying recipes, setting up menus and preparing high-quality dishes. You should be able to delegate tasks to kitchen staff to ensure food is prepared in a timely manner. Also, you should be familiar with sanitation regulations.  
Reporting Structure:  This position formally reports to the Store Director and the Deli Manager.
Status:  This is a non-exempt position.
 The following is a list of any certifications, formal education, or training requirements for this position.
 Essential Knowledge
 * 5+ years in the Food Industry with a wide variety of experience at all levels of cuisine. 
 * Hands-on experience with various kitchen equipment (e.g., grill, rotisserie, and fryers). 
 * Bachelor’s degree and/or Culinary School degree and/or certifications, or a combination of experience and professional culinary training on the job
 * Deep knowledge about food and cooking, including recipe development, product sourcing, quality assurance, scaling and production.
 * Effective in execution of Food Safety and Sanitation guidelines. 
 * Knowledge of U.S.D.A., FDA, city/state regulations, and additional compliance standards.
 * Experience with budget management, in particular optimizing food and labor costs with strong track record of improving bottom line growth. 
 * Experience in developing to specs key components with third parties (prepped produce, kettle work, sous vide, etc.)
 The following is a list of the basic skill requirements for this position.  
 Essential Job Functions
 * Execute concepts, and support expansion of the fresh food experience.  
 * Ensure all food and labor cost goals are met by developing systems to monitor and maintain success.
 * Ensure highest quality from prep to plating by providing strong quality control and execution oversight. 
 * Ensure efficient procurement for culinary menus and culinary programs. 
 * Ensure a strong food safety program that goes above and beyond local and state requirements. 
 * Drive and take responsibility for the success of the culinary promotions, store and community events, culinary programs, and in-store dining.
 * Oversee and manage the organization, cleanliness and food safety of the kitchen.
 * Ensure all culinary employees are appropriately trained to execute job functions properly. 
 * Manage and ensure the FDA food nutritional labeling statutes. 
 * Foster and promote a cooperative working climate, maximizing productivity and employee morale. 
 * Lead by example, being fair, consistent and approachable. 
 * Provide feedback, training and leadership to develop and grow employee’s skills. 
 * Complete new kitchen and service line employee’s onboarding and training. 
 * Support your company by completing additional tasks identified by management, assisting other stores or departments as needed and gaining new skills when necessary. 
 * Know and implement the Cosentino Customer Service Standards. 
Physical Abilities
 The following physical movements could potentially be part of any scheduled shift and employees will be expected to perform these actions while on duty.
 Essential Abilities
 * Reaching overhead with both arms up to a maximum of 84 inches, twisting at the waist and lifting objects with both hands weighing up to 30 lbs.  
 * Pushing and pulling grocery items to the proper locations as needed, up to a peak force of 40 lbs.
 * Standing and walking for long periods of time on tile, asphalt, concrete or other hard surfaces.  
 * Occasionally lifting and carrying up to 60 lbs.  
 * Bending and squatting, at times all the way to floor level.  
 * Able to work in colder conditions of the grocery coolers and freezers.  
 Non-Essential Abilities
 * Climbing a ladder, possibly up to 5ft.