Nashville, Tennessee, United States

*** Currently offering a one-time Snooze sign-on bonus in the amount of $1000 gross paid upon completion of management training (conditions apply). ***

 Snooze Head Chef Bonus Incentives

  • Snooze Sunny Side Up Management Bonus Program with potential to earn up to 15% of your annual base salary. 
  • Additional Extra Hash bonus with the ability to make up to an additional $3,000 in performance bonuses above and beyond our regular bonus incentive plan.
  • An incentive program that rewards Head Chefs with a $25,000 cash bonus, one month paid time off, and $5,000 in experience dollars after 5 years of commitment in one restaurant!

Snooze – Who Are We?
Morning people! Yes, we are those people. We are a full-service breakfast restaurant, and we want each morning to feel like your weekend and happy hour rolled into one — no matter which side of noon it’s on. We’re the place where you can be you, and where our regulars are anything but. Everyone’s welcome at our table because the same goes for our people as it does for our dishes: the unexpected twists are what makes them so special.


The Head Chef Role at Snooze
As Snooze Head Chef, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring the highest quality of food and standards in and out of the kitchen.  Your primary duties include leading all kitchen functions involving food purchasing, storage and inventory, preparation, and overall adherence to Snooze quality, methods, and safety and sanitation standards. You are the leader in training all Snoozers in methods of cooking, preparation, plate presentation, portion and cost control, and cleanliness. It is your responsibility to efficiently staff and schedule your kitchen adequately to facilitate preparation and execute production while maintaining standard labor costs. Your ultimate goal is to maintain the “WOW” factor of Snooze food while creating an environment that fosters creativity, education, and personal development.  

The Benefits! 
At Snooze, we not only want to pay you for the great work you do each and every day, but we also want to help you take care of yourself and your family. Below is a breakdown of a few benefits Snooze offers for this position. 

  • Competitive quarterly operational performance bonus 
  • Additional competitive yearly bonus for incredible P&L management
  • Long-term incentive program rewarding 5 years of service with a cash bonus, time off, and funds for personal development
  • No late nights—you’ll be home by dinner time every night!  
  • $50 per month for cell phone reimbursement due to using your personal phone for restaurant support (reimbursed monthly)
  • Weekly pay and competitive hourly rates
  • Competitive Basic Health, Dental, Visions, Pet, and Accident Insurance Plans
  • Employer paid Short Term Disability and Life Insurance Plans
  • 401k/Roth 401k Plans
  • Unlimited affordable Telehealth program
  • 120 Hours (15 days) of vacation time accrued per year and paid at a regular rate
  • 40 Hours (5 days) of paid sick time paid at regular rate per year
  • Four (4) Paid Holidays - Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day to spend time with family and friends
  • 8 Hours (1 day) of paid community volunteer time paid at regular rate per hour
  • 100% paid meal benefits
  • Other benefits including potential field trips, community engagement, personal and professional growth, and advancement opportunities
  • Unlimited dance parties! 

The Position Specifics

  • Accurately manage all Heart of House Snoozers to ensure adherence to all Snooze policies, efficient, careful, and effective use of time, and overall creation of a happy kitchen serving the best Snooze food every day.
  • Be knowledgeable of Snooze policies regarding personnel and administer prompt, fair, and consistent corrective action for any and all violations of company policies, rules, and procedures.
  • Maintain quality standards according to the guidelines of Snooze Food, ensuring the best possible product goes in and out of the kitchen doors.
  • Assist the GM and management team in making employment and termination decisions including interviewing, hiring, training, evaluating, reviewing, and disciplining kitchen personnel as appropriate.
  • Properly train all Heart of House Snoozers about the practices regarding cleanliness, sanitation, equipment safety, and proper kitchen tool usage.
  • Prepare all required paperwork, including inventory, ordering, forms, reports, and schedules in an organized and timely manner.
  • Ensure that all equipment is kept clean and in excellent working condition through personal inspection and preventative maintenance plans.
  • Control food cost and usage by following proper and responsible requisition of products from vendors, organized product storage procedures, standard recipes, and waste control efforts.
  • Control labor costs by scheduling based on forecasted sales, positions needed, and proper time management.
  • Lead the instruction and training of Snooze's basic safety and sanitation procedures and guidelines to all staff.
  • Create a fun, safe, and rewarding work environment for all Snooze kitchen employees.


Is this the role for you?

Head Chefs at Snooze...

  • Must be 21 years of age and be authorized to work in the United States.
  • Have knowledge of food, beverage, and service generally involving at least 3+ years of operations and leadership experience.
  • Possess excellent basic math skills and can operate a cash register and Point of Sale system. Must also be able to communicate and understand the predominant language (s) of the restaurant’s trading area.
  • Be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time (up to 10 hours) and have the stamina to work 50 to 55 hours per week.

Let’s talk about safety

Your safety is our #1 priority. Because of that, it is every Snoozer’s responsibility to ensure cleanliness, sanitation, and safety within our restaurants. We hold both Snoozers and guests accountable to our Safety Guidelines. We require daily wellness checks from all Snoozers and are committed to a safe working environment.

Snooze is an Equal Opportunity Employer