Columbus, Ohio, United States

Working at Northstar Cafe is much more than just a job. It’s the chance to become an important member of a close-knit team, responsible for shaping the experience at a most-loved restaurant. It’s an opportunity to bring communities together and help them thrive. And it’s a way to play a key part in the bigger picture, supporting food practices that elevate local growers and producers and keep the environment healthy.

It’s also the best place to launch the rest of your working life. Here, you’ll gain the practical skills that will make you an outstanding professional in any industry. You’ll know how to maintain the highest standards and work in an environment of utmost integrity. And, you’ll develop the collaboration, communication, and leadership skills that will serve you throughout your career.

If you’re —

  • excited about real, local, organic, and artisanal ingredients

  • passionate about cooking from scratch and meticulous about quality

  • open to learning and growing your skills

  • looking forward to being valued as an integral member of a team

— then becoming a member of the Northstar Cafe KITCHEN TEAM might be the perfect job for you.

Bring your upbeat attitude and gritty work-ethic. We’ll teach you the rest. 

We want you to be successful here, and support you with:

  • thorough training in our production bakery and professional kitchen

  • top-notch teammates who’ll become close friends

  • An efficient, productive, upbeat work environment

Here’s what you’d do:

  • Create delicious food alongside a high-energy team with a sincere desire to delight guests

  • Use the finest ingredients, including foods from more than twenty Ohio producers 

  • Prepare a broad menu from scratch using classic and modern cooking techniques and a variety of tools and machinery

  • Take pride in being part of the most loved restaurant in the neighborhood

And our team gets great benefits:

  • medical/dental

  • paid vacation

  • healthy lifestyle reimbursement

  • free meal with every shift (pretty much everyone’s favorite benefit)

  • endless opportunities to grow, challenge yourself, and have fun

Our team loves working here, and we strive to make this a place worthy of them. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“We source locally whenever we can and always find ingredients of the highest quality. We have good relationships with people who deliver our food. It’s really a community that’s behind all of these amazing meals.”

“I’m proud of how clean we keep the restaurant, how we treat each other, and how we treat guests. Our standards are really high, which I love.”

“Shift meals is one of the best parts about working here! Our food is so wholesome and good.”

“The style of communicating, even when something’s wrong, is very kind. It makes people actually want to change. Learning this has helped me be a better communicator in all areas of my life.” 

“I love being a part of a group of conscientious and intelligent people, and being a part of a company that has high standards of excellence. It’s truly a company that goes above and beyond.”